WM - Wieland Morgenstern

Hi! I'm Wieland, a grad student in computer science and engineering.
I'm curious about computer vision, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and like to explore all kinds of data. I welcome you to check out some of my projects, which I love building.

Recent Projects

  • stacksnippet


    A search engine for code snippets on Stack Overflow, built with AngularJS.


    stacksnippet aims to combine the preciseness of Google Search with Stack Overflow's vast reservoir of helpful code snippets -- all clutter removed. It gives a quick overview over code snippets for a search term, with the full answers at your fingertips

    AngularJS JavaScript StackExchange API CSS
  • Pleonasm


    Create English phrases from hex numbers that are easier to recognize and remember.

    Python NLP Word frequency Google Ngram JavaScript
  • Movie Tint

    Movie Tint

    Exploring the colors of moving pictures.


    I'm fascinated with colors in moving pictures, and started this project to visualize the colors and their change over time in films. It's quite hard to boil down all the information just one movie contains into a single image, but fun to play around with different and unique plots.

    Python Numpy OpenCV ffmpeg Image Processing
  • WMGenericCollection


    Objective-C Generics: checking type correctness at compile time for NSArray, NSDictionary and NSSet.


    The language Objective-C doesn't provide generics. Heavily disputed whether they are needed in Objective-C, yet often used in comparable languages. WMGenericCollection provides generics for Objective-C through custom collection subclasses, which can be created with C Macros.

    Objective-C Python Templates Preprocessor RegEx

Past Projects

  • Anita's World

    Anita's World

    A Tetris-like HTML5 game for two players. Created as a tech demo for the course 'Computer Game Programming' at TU Ilmenau. Features three levels with increasing difficulty, lovely music and a simple AI.

    Play Anita's World!

    Made by a team of three students, my tasks lay in programming the game logic and (cached) canvas drawing.

    HTML5 Canvas Audio JavaScript CSS
  • clHOG


    For my bachelor's thesis, I implemented the Histograms of Oriented Gradients algorithm highly parallel for GPUs, with OpenCL. To speed up the calculations, I developed a new algorithm for the block computation and as a result surpassed several other implementation.

    Computer Vision Image Processing Algorithms Parallelism OpenCL C++
  • TU Ilmenau

    Visual Odometry

    For an advanced seminar, I researched information on visual odometry. I was asked to rework my results into a set of slides, which were later used in the robot vision lecture at TU Ilmenau.

Professional Experience

  • Fraunhofer IOSB-AST
    since 02/2014

    Fraunhofer IOSB-AST
    Ilmenau, Germany

    Graduate assistant, working on the navigation stack of autonomous vehicles. I am currently involved with path planning.

    Path Planning Embedded Systems ROS C C++ Python
  • DxO Labs
    03/2010 - 11/2010

    DxO Labs
    Boulogne-Billancourt, France

    Programming internship, working on DxO Optics Pro for Mac OS X.

    Objective-C Cocoa Image Processing C++ TDD Continuous Integration
  • Wieland Morgenstern
    since 12/2009

    Independent contractor
    Dresden/Ilmenau/Berlin, Germany

    Freelance work in programming, web hosting, design and photography.

    HTML CSS Design Web Hosting
  • Konsul der TU Ilmenau
    2008 - 2009

    Student's consul
    Ilmenau, Germany

    In 2008 I was elected to be the (full-time) student's consul at TU Ilmenau. My main task was to coordinate the information flow between students, the boards and committees and the university administration.

    Communication Coordination Data collection
  • CC e-gov GmbH
    06/2005 - 08/2005

    CC e-gov GmbH
    Dresden, Germany

    As a summer intern, I was working on the GUI of a town hall information system.

    Java Swing


  • TU Ilmenau

    Technische Universit├Ąt Ilmenau

    2012 - 2014
    Master Student
    Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
    Using keyframe selection to improve the detection of primate faces in videos
    Image processing Machine Learning MATLAB C++ Python
    Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics
    Non-Technical 4   Electrical Engineering 4  
    Computer Science 4   Robotics, AI & Vision 7
    Marketing 1 Chinese 1 & 2 Political Utopias
    Information Theory and Coding Dynamic process optimization Complex Embedded Systems Quantitative System Modelling and Analysis
    Object-Oriented Process modelling Digital Rights Management Computer Games Innovative Computer Architecures
    Capturing and Processing 3D-Data Cognitive Robotics Learning in Cognitive Systems Multimedia based Human-Machine-Interaction Robot Vision Knowledge Engineering Medical Imaging 2
    Bachelor of Science
    Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
    Implementing Histograms of Oriented Gradients Features on the GPU for real time person detection in videos
    Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics
    Basics 8   Electrical Engineering 15   Computer Science 12   Cognitive Robotics 9
    Mathematics 1, 2 & 3 Stochastics Numerical Analysis Physics 1 & 2 Applied mechanics
    Electrical Engineering 1 & 2 Electromagnetic Field Information Engineering Electronics Circuit Technology Electrical Measurement Technology Electronical Measurement Technology Signals and Systems 1 & 2 Control and Feedack Control Systems 1 & 2 Integrated Hard- and Software Systems Communication Networks Process Measurement and Sensor Technology
    Computer Engineering 1 & 2 Algorithms and Programming Software Technology Algorithms and Data Structures Formal Languages and Complexity Database Management Systems Operating Systems Telematics 1 & 2 Software Project Methods for Implementing Databases
    Neuroinformatics Computer Graphics Applied Neuroinformatics Soft Computing Artificial Intelligence Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Color Image Processing Software Quality Assurance Parallel Programming
  • Udacity


    Introduction on Artificial Intelligence
    by Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University, Google Fellow), Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google)

    Successfully completed the Advanced Track of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in the top 5% of the class with a score of 99.8%.

    Bayes Filtering Hidden Markov Models Machine Learning Advanced Planning NLP
    CS373: Programming a Robotic Car
    by Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University, Google Fellow)

    Successfully completed with highest distinction.

    Probability Particle Filters Planning Control Autonomous Driving Python
  • Coursera


    Computing for Data Analysis
    by Roger D. Peng (Johns Hopkins University)

    Successfully completed the course with distinction.

    R Data Analysis Statistical Computing Data Graphics

Online presence

  • w-m on GitHub

    w-m on GitHub

    My private projects are hosted on GitHub, and I occasionally provide patches and bug fixes to Python repositories.
  • w.m on Stack Overflow

    w.m on Stack Overflow

    I love and often make use of the wealth and depth of information provided by Stack Overflow. From time to time you might find me answering questions on Objective-C, OpenCL or Python.

  • Wieland Morgenstern on LinkedIn

    Wieland Morgenstern on LinkedIn

    Feel free to connect with me on on LinkedIn


  • Frith on 500px


    I love taking photos on my travels, at events and of people. In June 2013 I lead a group of international students for a week in Ilmenau at a student's festival, teching, learning and taking lots of photos. You can find a few of my photos on 500px.

  • Wieland on photocase


    Since 2008 I've been selling a couple of photos on this friendly and creative German platform: Wieland on Photocase